Acuralink®: Discontinuation of Vehicle Wireless CDMA (3G) Network

*Please Note: You are able to access your AcuraLink subscription services through August 23, 2022 on the impacted vehicles below. To continue accessing these services after that date for those year models, you will need to bring your vehicle to us at Proctor Acura to purchase and install updated hardware in your vehicle.
For 2019-2021 RDXs only, they will need a software update by February 22, 2022 to continue accessing their AcuraLink subscription services. You are able to perform this update yourself or schedule the update at Proctor Acura at no cost to you through February 22, 2022. After that date, you will need to bring your vehicle to us at Proctor Acura to complete the update with purchase of a new embedded cellular device. 

Please read the details below and call us if you have any questions at 850-608-0327.

1. What is happening with AcuraLink Services?

North American telecommunications providers are making changes to their legacy wireless networks. As a result, we have been notified by our wireless provider that they will be terminating their CDMA (3G) network. The decision to phase out this technology was made at the discretion of the respective wireless carriers and is beyond the control of Acura.

2. How does this impact Acura vehicles?

As a result, AcuraLink services on select 2014-2017 Acura vehicles will become inactive as a result of the CDMA (3G) network termination.

The impacted AcuraLink features are:

  • AcuraLink Premium: Personal concierge services to make hotel, restaurant or airline reservations.
  • AcuraLink Connect: Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Call, Stolen Vehicle Locator, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Send Destination, Find My Car, Destination by Voice, Vehicle Status, and Security Alarm Alert.
  • AcuraLink Standard: Real Time Traffic and Maintenance Reminders.

3. What models are affected?

  • 2014-2017 MDX
  • 2015-2017 TLX
  • 2016-2017 ILX
  • 2014-2016 RLX
  • 2016-2017 RDX
  • 2017 NSX

(Tech and above trims for all listed models/years)

Please Note:  Not all model year 2017 vehicles will be affected by this wireless network change.  To check if your vehicle is affected, please go to > Select the Compatibility & Pricing tab > Select your model year and model > Select Here in the CDMA message, and enter your VIN.

4. When will my services be terminated?

  • If your paid subscription is scheduled to renew on August 24, 2021 or later :

As of August 24, 2021, AcuraLink subscription services will no longer be renewed for impacted vehicles. If your annual renewal date is August 24, 2021 or later, your services will be terminated as of August 24, 2021. Acura is not accepting partial year subscriptions.

  • If your paid subscription renews prior to August 24, 2021 :

Your subscription services will remain active until your current annual paid plan has expired, either on or before August 23, 2022, at which time your services will be terminated.

  • Complimentary Trials :

All active complimentary trials will be terminated by August 23, 2022. If your complimentary trial expires prior to August 23, 2022, you will be unable to convert to a paid subscription.

5. How can I find out when my paid subscription is scheduled to renew?

Open the AcuraLink app and select this icon User-added image in the upper left of the screen. Next, select your vehicle under Manage Subscriptions and you will see your paid subscription expiration/renewal date.

6. Is there anything I can do to continue my AcuraLink services?

You may continue to access your AcuraLink services if the hardware in your vehicle is updated with a new device. Please contact your dealer for more information.

7. What does this mean for Trial Customers that own an affected vehicle?

If you are currently in a trial subscription you will not be able to purchase a paid subscription. All complimentary trial services will be terminated by August 23, 2022.

8. Will Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Call functions and Enhanced Roadside Assistance still operate?

No, the Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Call, and Enhanced Roadside Assistance services will no longer be available.

9. Will my SiriusXM® Satellite Radio service be affected?

No, SiriusXM® Satellite Radio services will not be affected.

10. What if I purchased a multi-year paid subscription?

If you are currently in a multi-year paid subscription, you will receive a pro-rated refund for any unused portion of your multi-year paid subscription after the network termination on August 23, 2022.

11. Can I cancel my paid subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your paid subscription prior to the network termination, and you will receive a pro-rated refund for any unused portion of your paid subscription.


AcuraLink®: Over the Air Software Update for Wireless Network Upgrade

Why do I need to apply the OTA update?

By February 22, 2022, North American wireless network providers will be phasing out the 3G network the affected vehicle uses for AcuraLink and WI-FI Hotspot services. An Over the Air Update (OTA) is required to update your vehicle’s embedded cellular unit, to enable it to connect to a new network that will allow you to continue to receive AcuraLink and WIFI Hotspot services.

Which models are affected?

2019–2021 RDX

What features will be impacted if I don’t apply the OTA by February 22, 2022?

AcuraLink Remote: Remote Start and Stop, Security Alarm Alert, Amazon Alexa Skill, Remote Lock and Unlock, Find My Car, Geofence Alert, Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery, Speed Alert, Destination by Voice, Stolen Vehicle Locator, Driver Feedback.

AcuraLink Security: Emergency Call, Automatic Collision Notification, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Personal Data Wipe.

AcuraLink Concierge: Personal concierge services to make hotel, restaurant or airline reservations.

AcuraLink Link: Dashboard, Vehicle Health Report, Send Destination, Last Mile.

Other Features: Wi-Fi Hotspot

How can I confirm the update is available for my vehicle?

The System Updates icon will show an exclamation point (!)

What are the consequences of not completing the OTA update?

AcuraLink services and Wi-Fi Hotspot will no longer work as of February 22, 2022. Additionally, future Over the Air Update fixes and enhancements to your audio and connectivity system cannot be downloaded via the cellular network. Only Wi-Fi and USB updates will be available.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless the update is completed by February 22, 2022, Automatic Collision Notification will not function. If your airbag deploys or a significant collision is detected, your vehicle will be unable to contact an operator who could request that emergency services be dispatched.

Can I update my vehicle after February 22, 2022 to receive AcuraLink or WI-FI Hotspot services?

No, you cannot perform the OTA update after February 22, 2022. Restoring AcuraLink or WI-FI Hotspot services after February 22, 2022 can ONLY be addressed by a customer paying for a new embedded cellular device at an authorized dealer.

What happens if I have a paid subscription and I do not perform the OTA update?

If you do not update your vehicle via the OTA prior to February 22, 2022, your services will automatically be cancelled, and you will be issued a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of your subscription. You will lose access to services such as Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Call, Stolen Vehicle Locator and Remote Features such as Remote Start and Stop and Amazon Alexa Skill. If you are not currently subscribed to AcuraLink services, then the operation of your Honda vehicle will not be affected, but you would not be able to receive such services in the future.

If you have a paid subscription for WI-FI Hotspot, please contact AT&T Customer Support.

How do I perform the OTA update?

Please follow these steps to complete the update.

Your vehicle may automatically perform Steps 1-3 in the background. If so, then please begin with Step 4 and press “Install Now”.

1. Go to the “HOME” screen on your vehicle display audio screen

2. If the vehicle indicates an update is available, select the “System Updates” app

3. Select “via Wireless”

4. When the download is complete, select “Install Now”

5. The System Updating bar note the installation progress.

6. Wait for confirmation “Update Complete”

How long does the OTA take to complete?

The update takes approximately 17-20 minutes to complete. This is dependent on good cellular network connection.

Will I lose any functions during the update?

The update takes approximately 17-20 minutes to complete, and the cellular connection will be disabled and restored after the update has completed. In addition, during the update process the green LED between the LINK and ASSIST call out buttons, located by the dome light, will blink.

How will I be able to confirm the update worked?

Please follow these steps to confirm the update was successful.

1. Select “HOME” screen on your vehicle display audio screen

2. Select “System Updates”

3. Select “via Wireless Connection”

4. Wait for the “System is Up-to-Date” message to display

Can the dealer perform the OTA update for me?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment with your dealer to complete the OTA update.

What happens if the OTA update doesn’t work if I opt to do it myself?

You may experience Update Failed Code 57D or 5AC which may be caused by a poor cellular signal.

Before installing the software, move the car to an open area where cellular signal may improve. If the installation of the software is successful, you will see “Installation of new software complete”.