Review of the 2015 Acura RDX

2015 RDX with the Technology Package. Image courtesy of

Over the past several years, manufacturers of all kinds have sought to bridge the gap between larger sedans and full-sized SUVs. Their solution to this problem is known as the compact crossover, a vehicle that looks like an SUV but lives on the chassis used by a typical family sedan.

Acura's RDX is one of the best such crossovers for luxury buyers, with the right combination of power, performance, and luxury amenities, to make even the longest road trips an enjoyable experience for family members of all ages. The Acura crossover blends appealing curbside style with premium interior materials, a V6 engine, and a number of added features that make driving safer as well as more comfortable.

Curb Appeal Is Pretty Impressive for Acura RDX Buyers

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Though manufactured by Honda, the Acura lineup has always been known for being a bit more daring in terms of exterior design. That can be seen with the Acura RDX, where more daring and swooping curves are used to give the car added style expected of luxury buyers.

The car's chrome grill in the front adds an upscale design that will cause others to take notice, while the curves and refined edges allow the car to blend style with plenty of interior leg room, head room, and even cargo capacity in the rear.

The car's design is helped by appropriately large wheels, even on the RDX's lowest trim level. This gives the car an upgraded appearance, for which many other crossovers actually require customers to pay extra, as part of an upgraded convenience or appearance package. As a result, all Acura RDX buyers benefit from perfect proportionality and futuristic design.

Trim Levels: Available Features and Upgrades for Luxury Buyers

RDX with the Technology Package and Parchment Interior. Image courtesy of

The key to any luxury vehicle's success is its ability to offer premium materials, premium sound, and high tech features that simply can't be found in other models. For the Acura RDX, that commitment is apparent even on the base level trim. One of only two trim levels offered to customers, this is a fully featured crossover that spares no expense and offers superior comfort to all.

This commitment starts with the available drive system: Customers can choose from either front-wheel or all-wheel drive on both trim levels. Other exterior features of the Acura RDX base trim include heated mirrors, privacy glass, automatic headlights, fog lights, and 18 inch alloy wheels for maximum durability and minimal maintenance.

Inside the cabin, the RDX base trim offers leather seats, soft touch dashboard materials, and a refined aesthetic that looks decidedly upscale. The car's entertainment system offers a full touchscreen infotainment system capable of interfacing with Pandora and working hands free with all Bluetooth equipped smartphones. Both Pandora tunes and personal phone calls will sound great over the included, premium 7 speaker sound system in this model. Heated seats and dual-zone climate control ensure comfortable winter and summer driving conditions.

The upgraded base trim with Technology Package features includes all of the other trim level's components, but also adds voice controls, a full GPS navigation system in the center dash, automatic climate control with solar-sensing, an upgraded 10 speaker premium sound system, and 15GB of internal, in car media storage.

Performance Benefits from the RDX's Included V6 Engine

The 3.5-liter i-VTEC. Image courtesy of

One of the trends among competing manufacturers has been to reduce crossovers to a 4 cylinder engine in an effort to improve their fuel economy and make them more marketable to the masses. The 2015 RDX reduces this impulse, and instead pairs all of its models with a V6 engine that has no difficulty accelerating in highway driving.

Its fuel economy is on par with what you would expect of any crossover, meaning buyers won't have to sacrifice any of their sensibilities to enjoy a car with fast acceleration and superior performance.

By the numbers, the crossover's V6 engine produces up to 273 horsepower and as much as 251 pound-feet of torque. The RDX can accelerate on the highway from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 6.5 seconds, making it a strong competitor to models from other compact crossover manufacturers, including Audi and BMW.

As a result of thoughtful interior design and a power engine, the driving experience is decidedly refined and enjoyable for those piloting the Acura RDX. The engine benefits from a six speed transmission that shifts smoothly, and most passengers will hardly notice gearshifts at all.

The car accelerates fast on the highway and operates even at higher speeds without inflicting a great deal of external noise on occupants. The RDX's engine is appropriately quiet as well, spotlighting the sound from the included premium sound system found in both available trims.

Safety First: The Acura RDX Keeps Everyone Safe and Sound

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As should be expected by a top rated safety pick for families, the Acura RDX stops quickly in the event of an emergency and protects passengers using front side and side curtain airbags. Active head restraints are also in place, adding further enhanced protection in an accident.

As with all Acura automobiles, the RDX comes with stability control and traction control. Like all of Acura's SUVs, a backup camera is standard in the RDX and makes it easy to park safely.

A Top Pick for Growing Families with Refined Sensibilities

The Acura RDX is a perfect fit for young, growing families that need the convenience and performance of an SUV while enjoying the size and efficiency of associated more with a typical sedan. Thanks to an impressive, premium cabin experience, and a V6 engine on par with the best in this class, the RDX is a solid pick for today's younger buyers, families, and those who need added leg room or high tech features.

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