Ludacris Talks Acura on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Ludacris is undoubtedly one of the richest and most prolific rappers on the planet. You probably already know this, but it's an important fact to consider when pondering this semi-puzzling question: Why then, is his preferred ride a 1993 Acura Legend?

CONTEXT - About a year ago, Ludacris Instagramed this picture of his Acura Legend after driving it to his private jet (of all places).

Clearly, this guy could afford just about anything he wants (like, say... a private jet), but for some reason he can't stray from this classic '93 Acura Legend. Recently, Ludacris was on Ellen where she asked about his car (skip to 1:40 in). He explained that the Legend has grown close to his heart:

"I used to write music in this Acura and I still do till this day so it's just one of those things I can never get rid of. I will never get rid of, ever."

The Legend now has over 250,000 miles on it, and it's still going strong. He went on to explain that there's too much nostalgia attached to the car for him to ditch it. After all, he acquired it before the whole world knew him as Ludacris.

Pretty cool that he's remained so humble despite all his fame. Even cooler that he drives an Acura.

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