The Acura ILX Smart Key

The Acura Keyless Access System includes a Smart Key for keyless start and entry to connect you with your Acura without ever taking your key out of your pocket. Learn more about the Smart Entry System and how to replace the battery if needed.

Acura Smart Key

What is a Smart Key System?

The Smart Entry system allows you to unlock the doors and start your engine all while the key stays in your pocket. The ILX will sense the key, and will unlock the door when you touch the handle. The Keyless Access System allows you to turn the engine and auxiliary controls on and off with the touch of a button, all as a standard feature.  

How to Replace your Acura Smart Key

In the event that you lose your Smart Key, contact your nearest dealership. It is important to use genuine OEM accessories to ensure the proper performance and function. A qualified Acura technician will be able to pair your key with your car.

Acura Smart Entry

Replacing the Battery in Your Acura ILX Smart Key Fob

Acura has been providing an electronic key fob with their cars in one form or another for many years. However, the battery in the key fob can only last so long before it will need to be replaced. While you can easily get a replacement key at Proctor Acura, there is no reason to replace the entire key fob just because the battery is low or dead. The battery can be easily replaced in just a few simple steps.

  1. Push the button and remove the key
  2. Using a coin in the visible notch pop the two halves of the key fob apart
  3. Remove the old battery from the key fob
  4. Install the new battery into the key fob positive side up
  5. Snap the two halves of the key fob together
  6. The new battery part number is CR2032

Care must be taken when prying the two halves apart as it is very easy to damage the plastic housing. Never use a screwdriver in the slot that is visible slot on the side of the key fob as this can cause damage to the key fob. Always be sure the battery is installed with the positive side up or your key fob will not work.  If you are not sure how to replace the battery or are uncomfortable doing so, bring your key fob to the parts department at your Acura dealer and one of our expert parts specialists will be happy to do the job for you.

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