Acura Service Tips

We've got some Acura service tips here that you need to know. We invite you to visit our dealership's service center in Tallahassee, Florida so that your car can get the premium experience it deserves. Not only do we offer drivers a state-of-the-art service center, but we also employ certified service techs and used top-rated tools. You'll find that our factory trained technicians know a thing or two about Acura models, which is why we always complete your requests promptly. There are lots of reasons to choose use, starting with the fact that we offer an Acura Accelerated Service and more.


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Not All Service Teams Are Equal

Here at Proctor Acura, we believe in the power of providing choices. Sometimes you've got an event to hit or a road trip to take, and you can't wait a week for service––you need it now. We understand that, so we bring you our Acura Accelerated Service team. This is the fast and convenient service that drivers need when they're living life in the fast lane. With our Acura Accelerated Service, you can access oil and filter changes, minor brake services, air conditioning filter replacements, and even battery replacements. We're here to do it all!

Competitive Service Pricing & Amenities

Let our luxury car dealership help you keep your vehicle in check with our tire and brake services. We provide drivers with a well-planned service schedule that will ensure basic maintenance like alignment services are taken care of on time. We know how vital your Acura is to you, that's why we offer competitive service pricing and service amenities to you! Request an appointment, and one of our Acura technicians will be on the case immediately.

Why Are Our Professionals Superior?

We only hire the best––it's a fact. Driving a car in itself is an act of trust. You're trusting the person who manufactured it to have done a good job. You're trusting other drivers on the road to drive safely without crashing into you. You're also trusting our Acura team to take care of your vehicle in a timely and efficient manner. We're here to tell you that there's nothing to worry about as long as your Acura is in our hands. Our certified experts know all about the Acura brand, as well as other OEMs. We also give them a state-of-the-art service center in Tallahassee, Florida to work in. Our service center is equipped with the latest technology, so we have all the tools we need to take care of business! Stop by and see our service center for yourself.

An Acura Team That's Here to Help

Don't be shy about contacting our Acura dealership. Routine maintenance requests are important, no matter how small. We've got years of automotive maintenance and repairs under our belts, so there's nothing you can dish out that we can't handle. We're happy to provide Tallahassee drivers with the tips and tricks they need to keep their wheels on the road. Whether you have a query surrounding a four wheel alignment service or your brakes squealing, drivers are always welcome to bring us their cars and questions!

Schedule Acura Service Appointments Now

We invite you to schedule service appointments online if you're thinking about fixing up your Acura. Our team wants to keep your new or used vehicle in tip-top shape. The only way to ensure longevity in your vehicle is to keep up with maintenance requests like oil changes and brake pad replacements. Luckily, Proctor Acura can complete all of your maintenance requests promptly. You can count on us so contact our Acura team today.