Vehicle Service Contracts & Extended Warranties

Vehicle Service Contracts Explained

The term “extended warranty” is commonly used by car buyers as a synonym for a vehicle service contract (VSC).

Most professionals in the auto industry prefer to use the term “vehicle service contract,” since the term “warranty” can be misleading. A warranty can only be issued by the manufacturer with the purchase of a vehicle.

A vehicle service contract serves as an extra protection that you can purchase for your car that offers protection beyond the manufacturer warranty (for a certain period of time or amount of miles).

A vehicle service contract is very similar to a health insurance policy that you can buy for your car. The coverage can be added into your financing as a small monthly amount so that you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket for repair expenses down the road.

Protections Beyond The Warranty: How It Works

Watch the video below to learn more about vehicle service contracts or keep reading as we answer some FAQs pertaining to warranties & other protections for your vehicle.

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Warranties & Service Contracts Compared
Should I Protect My Purchase With A Vehicle Service Contract?

Vehicle service contracts are an additional protection that are not required to purchase a new vehicle or to be eligible for financing.

If you’re curious to learn more about protecting your investment, we can provide information about how these packages work and what the benefits are to having one. Read more below and call our finance & insurance specialists to learn more about vehicle service contracts and other protection packages: (850) 574-6600 ext. 214

The Pros & Cons Of Vehicle Service Contracts
  • A vehicle service contract provides extended coverage, beyond the manufacturer 36,000 mile / 3 year warranty. VSC can cover a vehicle for 6-8 years and up to 100,000 miles.
  • A VSC will protect the owner from out-of-pocket expenses as their vehicle begins to show signs of age-related mechanical issues.
  • When purchased through the dealer / manufacturer, the VSC can be added into vehicle financing and reflected in monthly payments.
  • When purchased through authorized dealers, a VSC ensures that your car is repaired using manufacturer parts, not aftermarket parts.
  • VSCs are transferrable to a new owner if the car is sold while the contract is active. They can also be prorated and reimbursed if the owner decides to trade in their vehicle to the dealership.
  • VSCs can help ensure that buyers stick to their original car budget by preventing unexpected future expenses that would cause a car to exceed the original anticipated budget.
  • Service contracts range in cost from $1,500 - $2,400 depending on length and coverage.
  • Though a vehicle service contract can save you lots of money on future repair expenses, there may still be a deductible to be paid, depending on your plan.
  • Many vehicles experience the need for mechanical or electrical repair as they age, however, in the event that these age-related issues do not arise, you may not ever need to use the vehicle service contract that you paid for.
Questions To Ask About The Vehicle Service Contract

What is covered by the VSC? What isn’t covered?
Stated component coverage contracts will detail what repairs ARE covered. An exclusionary contract will list repairs that are NOT covered. Regardless of what type of contract, it is important to make sure the VSC meets your needs and provides ideal protection for your purchase.

Is there a deductible? Is it per visit, repair, or occurrence?
If several repairs need to be completed in one visit, will you pay for each repair or just the single visit? Would you prefer paying for a zero deductible plan?

What are the owner’s maintenance responsibilities?
Some service contracts require proof of routine service and vehicle maintenance visits to be eligible for coverage.

Driving Habits & Personal Preferences To Consider

Are you likely to exceed the manufacturer warranty coverage quickly due to the amount of mileage put on your vehicle?

When the manufacturer warranty expires, will you be anxious about the possibility of costly repairs?

Do you have emergency savings for unforeseen auto repairs when the vehicle isn’t covered by the manufacturer warranty?

Do you intend to drive your new vehicle for a long time? Or are you likely to trade it in for a newer or different model in a few years?

What If I Sell My Car In The Middle Of My Contract?

Another added advantage to buying a vehicle service contract is that your contract will not be wasted if you decide to sell your vehicle before the service contract is over.

When selling a vehicle privately, a VSC can be transferred to a new owner and can add value to your vehicle. Transferring a vehicle service contract is quite easy and affordable, typically costing less than $35.

When selling or trading through a dealership, an ongoing VSC will be cancelled and reimbursed as a prorated amount. The reimbursement can either be given as cash or used as a down payment on a new car.

Shop For A Vehicle Service Contract Online

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